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Tad Pole Update

Just a quick update. Our oldest tad pole, the kids named Fred I think, has all four legs and a rapidly shrinking tail. Our second one has just started to change colors from the dark gray of a young tad pole to the brown of an adult and its rear legs are starting to form. His name is either George or Bob, depends on the kid.

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Science of Nature

I love teaching science at home. I want to encourage my kids to be curious. I really want to enrich my daughters with the knowledge that science is cool. My DH brought home some tad poles he found in a mud puddle. I decided we could use them as a fun end of summer project for the kids. We placed them in a casserole dish with some water. I don’t have to worry about chlorine as we have well water but if you live in town or have treated water use puddles or rain water. We added some rocks and discovered they eat spinach by doing some research online. The kids really enjoy watching them swim around. I know they will be amazed as they watch the tad pole’s metamorphosis into toads. When they completely change all we have to do is let them outside as they are native to our area. You could do this too just make sure local laws do not prohibit it.

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