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Feeling Low

I apologize to those parents I have judged over the years. I am sorry to the lady at the store who’s kids ran me over as they ran through the isles. I am sorry to that man that was checking his sons pockets before they left Walmart. I still won’t apologize to the couple who let their child kick and scream on the floor of the toy section though. I always thought bad kids came from bad parents.
It seems some days no matter how hard I try to teach my kids good habits and manners they refuse to listen. I ask my kids please when they do chores. I tell them when they see something they want at the store to remember it for their christmas or birthday list, I don’t just say no. I give allowance for the small things. I do chores with them when I can. I try to get them to communicate when they feel I’m doing it wrong I might not be right. I encourage good and praise often. I punish rule breaking. They made our family rules. They came up with the consequences. So why do we still have an abnormal amount of conflict in our home? I just want loving, and obedient kids. Is that to much to ask?

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