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On the Election

To my freedom loving friends,

It is a sad day for America, freedom, prosperity, family, faith, and morality. Let’s not dwell on voting corruption. These things may only account for 1% of the vote. That isn’t the problem. If we dwell on that, we are avoiding reality. Let’s all be real here! The problem is one of two things, we either put up the wrong candidate that was too moderate, or the electorate has trended towards “fairness” and forced equality.
Did we put up the wrong candidate? Yes! For two reasons. He was way too friendly towards the “establishment”, kept away from the real issues, and didn’t tackle faulty ideology. Is this because the people running the campaign thought that it is what was needed to win? Partly, but the other half is the fact that he is a moderate! He wasn’t a true conservative that has small government pumping through his veins.
The other way I look at this loss is that the electorate has changed in America. This wasn’t an overnight change. This has been happening for many years now. The founders warned and predicted that without proper knowledge of the persecution we came from and the reason for this “Great Experiment” called America, the importance of our freedoms, limited government, and the constitution to defend these things, that all of this would evaporate! They knew this! They understood that people don’t naturally see the likely degradation of society when big governments take over. They knew that this experiment in self-governance and freedom would fail without a strong foundation in understanding why EVERY choice we make as voters has a potential snowball effect on our freedoms! The reason for this is that decisions on welfare, food stamps, amnesty, foreign aid, gun control, universal health care, and wealth redistribution (and numerous others that I didn’t mention) all have a humanitarian purposes, and that’s how they are sold to the public.. People tend to believe that these types of things are good and make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside, but fail to identify the long term problems and erosion of liberty that stem from them. They fail to see the long term humanitarian implications of a free and self-governing society.
That’s where I believe that the RNC made a fatal decision. This race wasn’t going to be won on minor policy changes on the economy. We needed a race that tackled the progressive ideology head on! Rather than Romney reiterating time after time that he “wouldn’t lower taxes on the rich” trying to satiate the left and center, he should have talked about why wealth redistribution is counterproductive because it makes the poor dependent upon the government. Why didn’t he tackle the notion of equality? That it isn’t the purpose of government to ensure equal results, but to ensure equal opportunity? It was never the mantra for America: “Bring me your broken and battered, and we will put you to work for 30 hours a week, give you an apartment, a Prius, and let you enjoy the same existence that every single resident of this country receives”. It was that people can come to this country and know that they won’t be punished for their success and that everyone has it in their power to craft whatever future they work towards for themselves, and no government can stand in their way! Obama said that he wanted to re-engineer the economy; he has and will continue to do so. Romney ran his campaign on the economy. But the fact is that people are OK with the implications of the new economy! 8-10% unemployment is OK as long as everything is “Fair”, so in that regard, Obama’s economic plan has worked just as intended!
Over the last few days, I watched a few speeches that President Regan delivered and it really put the nail into the coffin for me. We needed a candidate like that. One that made this into an ideological battle and really got to the root of all this crap rather than dealing with piecemeal policies. The sad part is that I’m not sure a Regan conservative even with Reagan’s moxie, could have won this electorate over.
The first election could easily be chalked up to 8 years of failed establishment moderate republican policy, but this one cannot. The majority of this country has bought in to the fallacy of “fairness”. It was seen in most every race in this election cycle, not just the presidential race. 50% of the electorate didn’t reject the Republican Party, or our candidate, but they rejected the ideology of conservatism and freedom. They traded freedom and prosperity for “fairness and equality”.
I hate to say it, but for the first time in my life, I don’t believe that future generations will have it better or even as good as mine had it. For the first time, I feel like as a country we missed our opportunity to hold on to the freedoms and our way of life that so many have fought and died for. For the first time in my life, I am worried that we will never bounce back from this. Barack Obama said he would fundamentally change America, and I now believe that he will accomplish just that.
At this point, the progressives in America don’t need to worry about re-election. They now have the political clout to push through their agenda. Over the next 4 years we have 2 more seats on the Supreme Court that will be up for grabs, and you can damn well bet they will be replaced by constitution hating justices that legislate from the bench. I fear that there isn’t much stopping the agenda to neutralize free speech and banning our right to bear arms. Those rights are the only two things that give liberty the teeth it needs to have a fighting chance.
Over the last 4 years, I believed that this election was the last hope that we as a country had to stomp out the progressive ideology peacefully. I am now 99% convinced that the window for that has passed. There are far too many in this country that glamorize Europe, but fail to see how those policies are leading them to their fate.
50% of us are still freedom loving Americans, but that too will dwindle as the progressive agenda slowly creates a dependent democracy, where people vote to obtain what is rightfully someone else’s. I read the book Atlas Shrugged a couple years ago, and if you haven’t read that book yet, it is a very sobering look at what I believe is likely to come.
The sad thing is that people will likely say that the founders are turning in their graves, while that’s true, they have been doing that for 100 years! They saw this coming 236 years ago. This would have been absolutely no surprise to them. This is what we deserve as a country for failing to speak out and not give a damn for so long.
Will I still be able to recite the Pledge of Allegiance with any feeling of pride? Will I be able to feel the same passion of God and Country when I place my hand over my heart while the National Anthem is performed? Will our Independence Day carry any dwindling meaning anymore? Or will this passion be a relic of the past.
So now what do we do? Thomas Jefferson said “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Is that the only hope for our future? I know who the patriots are, but what about the tyrants? Who are they? And how do we defeat them? How do you squash progressive ideology? I’m not trying to incite violence, but is there any other way out of this?
I’m left with much uncertainty today. Am I truly being pessimistic? What now?

Your fellow liberty loving patriot

copyright 2012