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Teaching Dreaming

I read a blog post today about raising kids and raising dreams.

As typically happens when you start talking about moms having lives outside of the family it brought up the “Mommy Debate”. Some readers felt they needed to explain why they stay at home and others why they work. The blog author wasn’t talking about this. Why do women feel the need to define ourselves by our jobs and families?
I am a mom of 5 and I am a wife. These are two important factors of my personality and life, but its not all I am. I have dreams that don’t involve my children or my husband. I want to write a novel; I love weather and I am a storm spotter; I read all the time; I want to run a small business, not to provide for my family, because I want the challenge; and I want to travel. Now, if I told you that without the mention of family it would be okay with most people. When I tell people these things after they know I am a mom and wife they judge me.” These things take time and money what about your kids?” I’ve heard that before. “Storm chasing is dangerous, you need to be careful you have kids.” Heard that before too. My kids ages 9, 6, 4, 2, and 6 months, probably have more knowledge of atmospheric science and proper english grammar than most high schoolers. My 4 year old could tell you what convection is. My 9 year old could tell you the life cycle of a super cell thunderstorm and what factors need to be present for tornado formation. My 6 year old knows comma rules better than me! My 2 year old likes “mamus” (mammantus) clouds. They learn from me. I want to show them a healthy lifestyle of self satisfaction.

I am a devoted, loving mom and wife. I give my all to my family. I also find time to feed myself emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Why is that so bad? Is it bad for a parent to dream for them self?

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