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5 Simple Rules

We have been revamping things in our home since Christmas. We started a process of attitude adjustment and working towards the final phase of content. With the news my dd failed her first semester of 5th grade, came the plan of testing for learning disabilities and other mental health issues. It has been a tough process for all involved.

I always thought that “bad” kids came from “bad” parenting. As I look back over the last 10 years of my dd short life I don’t see bad. I see some bad choices and mistakes but nothing out of the ordinary. I do see teachers, educators, and other professionals that don’t listen to parents though. Two years ago we put dd on ADHA meds at the suggestion of psychologists and school officials. After 6 months of watching my little girl suffer the side effects of these drugs and the doctors just give her more drugs to balance out the side effects we said enough! We weaned her off her meds and she is now drug free but still full of issues. The meds never helped these problems.

To streamline this process we set up rules that fit all occasions; at home, in public, as a guest, etc. All my kids have to do is THINK.
Is it Thoughtful
Is it Helpful
Is it Intelligent
Is it Necessary
Is it Kind
in 6 weeks I have not found a situation that these simple rules do not apply. Even my struggling dd has improved a little bit and that’s something that hasn’t happened in years.