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Colors of Spring

I love the smell of roundup in the morning. Okay maybe not but here are some familiar sights in my neck of the woods.


Sprayers doing burndowns


Tractors and planters




Flower beds needing weeded


No Rain Woes

A drive through the country is a very sad thing this year. It is very difficult to see corn crops burning up even under irrigation. The heat and dryness really messed up pollination and now farmers have corn that only has 40 or so kernels of corn per ear.

I had high hopes this spring as severe weather rolled through regularly. Most people will read that and think I’m crazy. In this area much of our summer moisture comes from thunderstorms. We really don’t get nice showers. We get wind, lightning, and hail, along with our rain. For us it is a fact of life. So here’s to you that live in the city, remember every time you get your outdoor plans rained out that very same rain is saving a farmer’s lively-hood.

As a storm spotter I have also been very bored. In most ways that is a good thing, but when the only weather you have to report is wind blowing the crops away and heat killing plants and animals its sad. So anyone know a good rain dance?