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School Daze

Shopping, laundry, signing papers;
Holes in socks and dinner time capers.
Mixed emotions, schedules come;
Summer is ending, a new school year has begun

Plans lost to the heat
Older kids saddled with books
Younger kids get a treat
Mom hopes to work on her looks.
Then remembers the school time beat
Come and go, to and fro, flying like a flock of rooks.

Early mornings, rushing out the door,
Quite days ’till kids run in full of joy.
Evenings pressed for time, homework on the floor,
Take a bath, close you eyes little boy.
Dear daughter, please finish your chore.
Quiet, time to rest, don’t trip on that toy.

copyright 2012



Waiting for rain to help my garden grow. Waiting for the breeze to bring its cooling flow. Waiting for my kids to see that doing chores is good for thee. Waiting for the great owl that lives in our tree. Waiting for tomatoes, ripe. Waiting for my children to stop the gripe. So here I sit, for a friend, I wait. But I fear for fun summer plans its too late.

copyright 2012