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Raising Kids on a Dime

Out here in the middle of nowhere, about 20 min from town, many wonder how we raise kids without breaking the budget. I am here to offer several tips that work for us. You could use many of these principals living in town too.
First and most important, get organized! If the kids have a 4H meeting or story-time make the trip to town productive. Run to the post office, make the trip to the store for perishables, and head to the bank. Yes, it is tiring but you get it done.
Second, this goes with the previous step and anything else, make a list. If you need to get milk, eggs, and apples at the store write it down. That way two days later you’re not making a dawn run to the store for milk.
Third, remember bulk is cheaper. When I make a list for groceries it will last us two weeks. I will get anything that will last the whole two weeks at that point. Five pounds of hamburger, a gallon jar of pickles, large bagged cereal, etc.
Lastly, prioritize! Do you need it now or can it wait? I have found that much of what I think I need so bad one day I end up not buying, finding an alternative, or getting a better price when I do my big shopping day.
These tips are how I provide all food stuff and home stuff to my family of 7 for 700$ a month and keeping my fuel bill to 200$ a month, remember I have a 36 mile round trip when I head into town.

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Zucchini Takes Over

Its official zucchini has taken over my fridge. I have no room for produce and started losing my shelves this morning. I have gotten to the point where everything I cook has zucchini in it or as a side dish. I guess its time to freeze some for this winter. Some ideas for its uses would be welcome. I already bake and fry it instead of potatoes. I add it to my pancakes and waffles with a teaspoon of cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg. I add it to spaghetti sauce and meatballs. I shred it and put it in hamburgers and meatloaf. I even shredded it and used it with flour for the breading on fried chicken. We also never run out of zucchini bread. Soon I will be doing the same thing with tomatoes. Summer is so great!