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Why I Love

Do I need ocean front property when I can hear the wind blowing through a wheat field? You never get the meaning of a “sea of grass” until you can hear it. Its why I love it here.


The backyard view

I love the view, no buildings or traffic. Just the beauty of a clean fresh landscape.


A near by windfarm

I love the innovation. People are constantly using what we already have to make life better.


Beautiful thunderstorm same system went on to produce an EF4 near Rozel , KS

I love the terrifying yet beautiful weather.


Play in the water, get exercise, and water the grass multi-tasking at its finest

I love the freedom to raise my kids in that “old fashioned” way. Work then play is our way. There is more self esteem in a job well done then having it all handed to you.



There is pride in having a reason to get up. My kids don’t sleep until noon.


Beautiful DD

They are still beautiful and accomplished. They don’t suffer from living a life of farm kids. One day they will be proud they don’t spend all day at the pool like the “city kids,” I know I was.



Gardening Capers

Today I am letting my dd write the post I’m bit scared.

image here’s me getting a drink with my sister

Me and my brothers are planting a garden. Growing stuff is awesome! We can get the ground ready, yay I get to play in the dirt. Then, we poke the seeds in. Mom’s really picky about it and says they have a “coryoptal” (coleoptile) thing and will only grow so far without sun. Whatever. Then we water and that’s it.

Here’s our tomatoes we need a fence for rabbits

Here’s my brother making hills for squash

Some pretty rainbow clouds my brother said it was going to rain ice cream (sun dogs)

Colors of Spring

I love the smell of roundup in the morning. Okay maybe not but here are some familiar sights in my neck of the woods.


Sprayers doing burndowns


Tractors and planters




Flower beds needing weeded

Raising Kids on a Dime

Out here in the middle of nowhere, about 20 min from town, many wonder how we raise kids without breaking the budget. I am here to offer several tips that work for us. You could use many of these principals living in town too.
First and most important, get organized! If the kids have a 4H meeting or story-time make the trip to town productive. Run to the post office, make the trip to the store for perishables, and head to the bank. Yes, it is tiring but you get it done.
Second, this goes with the previous step and anything else, make a list. If you need to get milk, eggs, and apples at the store write it down. That way two days later you’re not making a dawn run to the store for milk.
Third, remember bulk is cheaper. When I make a list for groceries it will last us two weeks. I will get anything that will last the whole two weeks at that point. Five pounds of hamburger, a gallon jar of pickles, large bagged cereal, etc.
Lastly, prioritize! Do you need it now or can it wait? I have found that much of what I think I need so bad one day I end up not buying, finding an alternative, or getting a better price when I do my big shopping day.
These tips are how I provide all food stuff and home stuff to my family of 7 for 700$ a month and keeping my fuel bill to 200$ a month, remember I have a 36 mile round trip when I head into town.

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Almost There

Wow, we have been busy around here! Corn harvest 2012 has come to a close with a result that was twice as much corn cut as we estimated. My wonderful, hard-working hubby shipped out almost as much grain as he brought into the farm bins. As a farm wife harvest is just as busy for us ladies as well. We shoulder all the responsibility for home so the man in our lives can focus on getting that grain out of the fields.
For now until the next push I’m stepping it back a bit and taking some time to put up my feet.

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