the things that color my world

Why I Love

Do I need ocean front property when I can hear the wind blowing through a wheat field? You never get the meaning of a “sea of grass” until you can hear it. Its why I love it here.


The backyard view

I love the view, no buildings or traffic. Just the beauty of a clean fresh landscape.


A near by windfarm

I love the innovation. People are constantly using what we already have to make life better.


Beautiful thunderstorm same system went on to produce an EF4 near Rozel , KS

I love the terrifying yet beautiful weather.


Play in the water, get exercise, and water the grass multi-tasking at its finest

I love the freedom to raise my kids in that “old fashioned” way. Work then play is our way. There is more self esteem in a job well done then having it all handed to you.



There is pride in having a reason to get up. My kids don’t sleep until noon.


Beautiful DD

They are still beautiful and accomplished. They don’t suffer from living a life of farm kids. One day they will be proud they don’t spend all day at the pool like the “city kids,” I know I was.



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  1. dd looks just like you.

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