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Lightning can strike miles from the actual storm

It always amazes me how many people don’t take safety precautions when the weather is or could get nasty. This week’s lessons for my kiddos have revolved around lightning/storm safety.


Damage in our yard from recent storm

There are 2 major rules for lightning safety that EVERYONE needs to remember the first is simple. “When it roars go indoors.”  See simple if there is thunder there is lightning and at that point seek shelter. The other rule is the 30/30 rule. If the thunder sounds 30 seconds or less after the strike its close enough to strike you. Stay indoors for 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder. See 30/30 rule.


Moore, Ok tornado

The second thing is if you hear the sirens in your town get to your shelter! After tornados like Moore, OK you would think people would become aware but you still see videos by yahoos on their porch with their camera wanting to see/tape the twister. 


Weird clouds

I know, as a kid, it seemed like every storm that came thru the sirens went off or we spent half the summer in tornado watches that never even lead to rain. The thing is radars and weather knowledge has increased exponentially since I was a child. Brave storm chasers/scientists like Reed Timmer have continued to bring new information that leads to more accurate warnings.


Descending rotation

Basically, if there is a siren there is rotation, if there is rotation it could quickly end up on the ground as a tornado, and if there is a tornado you want to be safe.


Aftermath of Moore, Ok


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