the things that color my world

Holiday Houpla!


We Remember

In the minds of Americans this weekend kicks off summer! Its no different in my neck of the woods. My kids joined in the Memorial Day parade with their 4H club this morning. The rushing around was almost humorous. They needed their club shirts and nice pants and grabbed their posters. Ran out the door a little bit later than I had planned but not excessively, I swear! When to jump in the rig and click, click, click artrgggrahdjh! Called the DH to rescue us and jump the battery, he got to come with us,  Yay! Showed up to the float muster dumped the kids and blew some kisses. Parked on Main St. by the library so we could steal wi-fi while waiting and then enjoyed the parade, got a ton of candy too.


DD throwing candy


DS hanging off pick-up


Rodeo clowns


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