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My Take On Politics

This year I am not voting for the candidate who will do the best job. I am going to depend on my wits the next four years. I’m going to invest in some stores and renewable food sources. I’m learning how to garden. I want to get some chickens and a cow or two. No, its not because I’m a loony fanatic. I am concerned though, our government is failing. The American People are failing, we have lost our civic pride. I am going to vote. After all it is my civic duty to study the candidates and vote for the one that will achieve the results I wish to see. Sadly enough my Doubting Thomas streak is shining bright this year. I will only vote for the candidate I feel won’t screw up as bad as the other guy. That’s all the faith in our American system I can muster up this year.

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Almost There

Wow, we have been busy around here! Corn harvest 2012 has come to a close with a result that was twice as much corn cut as we estimated. My wonderful, hard-working hubby shipped out almost as much grain as he brought into the farm bins. As a farm wife harvest is just as busy for us ladies as well. We shoulder all the responsibility for home so the man in our lives can focus on getting that grain out of the fields.
For now until the next push I’m stepping it back a bit and taking some time to put up my feet.

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