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Tad Pole Update

Just a quick update. Our oldest tad pole, the kids named Fred I think, has all four legs and a rapidly shrinking tail. Our second one has just started to change colors from the dark gray of a young tad pole to the brown of an adult and its rear legs are starting to form. His name is either George or Bob, depends on the kid.

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Reluctant Tooth Fairy

The first day of school came and went. I didn’t shed a tear. I loved the quiet of the house. I relished a nap time that I could do whatever I wanted. I shaved my legs the first day of school without cutting myself for the first time all summer. Then came the dreaded day, the first loose tooth. I cried the first time I played tooth fairy for my dd. Now teeth pulling is gross. The gums make this weird sucking sound that rolls my stomach. I rinsed the teeth in mouth wash and helped my dd put them under her pillows (so I can find them later.) Now my oldest ds has not one but two loose teeth. This tooth fairy is already feeling the sting of tears.

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Feeling Low

I apologize to those parents I have judged over the years. I am sorry to the lady at the store who’s kids ran me over as they ran through the isles. I am sorry to that man that was checking his sons pockets before they left Walmart. I still won’t apologize to the couple who let their child kick and scream on the floor of the toy section though. I always thought bad kids came from bad parents.
It seems some days no matter how hard I try to teach my kids good habits and manners they refuse to listen. I ask my kids please when they do chores. I tell them when they see something they want at the store to remember it for their christmas or birthday list, I don’t just say no. I give allowance for the small things. I do chores with them when I can. I try to get them to communicate when they feel I’m doing it wrong I might not be right. I encourage good and praise often. I punish rule breaking. They made our family rules. They came up with the consequences. So why do we still have an abnormal amount of conflict in our home? I just want loving, and obedient kids. Is that to much to ask?

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School Daze

Shopping, laundry, signing papers;
Holes in socks and dinner time capers.
Mixed emotions, schedules come;
Summer is ending, a new school year has begun

Plans lost to the heat
Older kids saddled with books
Younger kids get a treat
Mom hopes to work on her looks.
Then remembers the school time beat
Come and go, to and fro, flying like a flock of rooks.

Early mornings, rushing out the door,
Quite days ’till kids run in full of joy.
Evenings pressed for time, homework on the floor,
Take a bath, close you eyes little boy.
Dear daughter, please finish your chore.
Quiet, time to rest, don’t trip on that toy.

copyright 2012

Science of Nature

I love teaching science at home. I want to encourage my kids to be curious. I really want to enrich my daughters with the knowledge that science is cool. My DH brought home some tad poles he found in a mud puddle. I decided we could use them as a fun end of summer project for the kids. We placed them in a casserole dish with some water. I don’t have to worry about chlorine as we have well water but if you live in town or have treated water use puddles or rain water. We added some rocks and discovered they eat spinach by doing some research online. The kids really enjoy watching them swim around. I know they will be amazed as they watch the tad pole’s metamorphosis into toads. When they completely change all we have to do is let them outside as they are native to our area. You could do this too just make sure local laws do not prohibit it.

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In Honor of Friendship

I just finished a wonderful visit with my best friend. She is the one person who knows me the best. Which means she should hate me. That’s what makes friendship beautiful though, your closest friends know you and still like you. Anyone that know us knows we are soul mates only in that platonic way (insert stupid comments).
We met in high school my first day of my sophomore year at a new school. We spent the year doing all our group projects together.
We were one of those friendships that took off slowly. We thought the other was cool but didn’t do anything together. When we had a few of the same classes together our senior year our friendship went epic. It was like we were sisters. Despite the different directions our lives have taken us we have been that way ever since. My DBFF, HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!! I wish everyone was as lucky as me.

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Waiting for rain to help my garden grow. Waiting for the breeze to bring its cooling flow. Waiting for my kids to see that doing chores is good for thee. Waiting for the great owl that lives in our tree. Waiting for tomatoes, ripe. Waiting for my children to stop the gripe. So here I sit, for a friend, I wait. But I fear for fun summer plans its too late.

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