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Summertime Blues

Well these last few weeks of summer are going to be killer. I LOVE my kids but I can’t wait for school to start(guilty conscience kicking in.) This summer has been horrible! Its too hot and too dry! My DH has been working long hours due to a work force that is missing a few bodies. You know kind of like a puzzle missing a few pieces, you can still put it together it just has a few holes. It really makes me wonder how those courageous single parents do it. There have been so many summer plans that could not be fulfilled due to the heat. My kids all have cabin fever. Is that even possible? No dancing in the rain or playing in mud puddles. No picnics, no spending time at the park, no reading outside, nothing! Its too hot. So here we are huddled around the ac registers getting on each others nerves just like winter. How are you beating the heat this year?

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